GATE sytudents holding their 1st place banner from the Exploravision Economic Competition.


Elementary GATE Pull-Out Classes offer more depth and breadth than the regular classroom and move at a faster pace. Classes meet one-half day each week and provide an opportunity for gifted students to be with other students who learn, think and perceive in the same way they do. Teaching units are based on a theme or concept that incorporates higher level thinking, problem-solving, and research skills.

A student qualifies as Gifted and Talented if they score in the 97th percentile (including the standard error of measurement) on a national standardized test of intellectual ability. If they do not meet that score an evaluation of their academic and intellectual performance can be done. The evaluation matrix includes scores from abilities and achievement tests, parent/student/teacher rating scales, teacher recommendation, and classroom performance. If students who are new to Edmond want to enter the G/T program they must have scored in the 97th percentile on an abilities test in their previous district or a multi-criteria evaluation may be done to determine if they would qualify for the Edmond program.

Students out in the garden