2020 Children’s Sequoyah Nominees

Sequoyah past lists and Winners


All 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders were introduced to the state-wide Sequoyah Book Award program.  The Sequoyah program is the third oldest state’s children’s choice award in the nation.  It encourages students in Oklahoma to read books of literary quality.   Reading teams consisting of school and public librarians throughout Oklahoma select the books on the Sequoyah Masterlist.  They choose books based on literary merit, originality, timelessness, subject matter for appropriate age group, factual accuracy, clarity, and readability.  Students are asked to read or have read to them three (3) books from the Masterlist to be eligible to vote in March.

NOTE:   Some of the books may not be appropriate for your child to read.  I would also recommend going to the Barnes and Noble or Amazon sites to read reviews and get a detailed synopsis.

Sequoyah Challenge:

If students want the opportunity to win prizes and be invited to the celebration, they can participate in the Sequoyah reading challenge.  Here are the rules:

  1.  3rd grade must read at least 8 of the nominees.
  2.  4th graders must read at least 9 of the nominees.
  3.  5th graders must read at least 10 of the nominees.

In order to win prizes, students must prove they successfully read and understood each book.  First print instruction sheet then choose from an option below.

Instruction sheet:   Sequoyah chart and questions – Google Docs

Print and complete form #1:  2020 Sequoyah Challenge #1 – Google Docs

Print and complete form #2 2020 Sequoyah Challenge #2 – Google Docs

These can also be done online!  Just go  to



Students may also submit a 2-3 minute video explaining the book. Friends may be part of the video as well.