Adriana Moad (top), Taylor Menn (middle),  and Charlotte Ruth (bottom), second graders at John Ross Elementary, were awarded the Regional Winners in the ExploraVision science competition.  It is the world’s largest science competition and their entry was one of the top 24 from over 4,000 entries. Their idea of TeddyCare, a customizable stuffed animal that uses AI to monitor and and track important vital signs for children with fears, phobias or illness.  The Teddy Care would detect the cause for the change in temp, heart rate, oxygen levels or other body signals and either notify parents or make simple adjustments to calm the child.  For example, if  a child is afraid of the dark and his/her heart rate goes up when they get scared, the TeddyCare would turn on its own light and soothe the child.  The idea started in October, but it in the current times, everyone could use a TeddyCare!

2nd grade girl posing for pcture2nd grade girls posing for picture with a wheatfield backdrop@nd grade girl sitting in chair while posing for picture