Mrs. Newberry, Ms. Reed, and Mrs. Hicks posing for picturein and around the carnival ticket booth

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Tamera Newberry: 726-4116

Natalie Reed: 726-4154

Sarah Hicks:  726-4165



Our PreK classes provide developmentally appropriate whole group and small group hands on activities.  PreK is a time for children to learn school routines, practice social skills, practice reading readiness skills, and learn to love school! We are a “School Family.” The language rich environment exposes children to many opportunities to experiment with words, letters, and sounds. Number sense begins to develop as students work with numberals and objects to learn the relationship between them.

John Ross PreK School Hours:

Extended day is 8:50-3:10
Half day is 12:30-3:10

PreK Daily Commitments:

  • Kind Words, Big Voice, Listening Ears, Helping Hands

Conscious Discipline Self-regulation Breathing Strategies:

  • STAR, Pretzel, Balloon, Drain

We Are Bucket Fillers!

Everyone carries an invisible bucket of feelings.  We want to fill those buckets with kind words and actions to build others up and make them feel good. We do not want to be a bucket dipper, who dips out those good feelings by being unkind and hurtful, which is what a bully does.