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Stephanie Kapraun:  726-4170

Cathy Javorsky: 726-4149

Trudy Penning:  726-4151

La Tasha Winther: 726-4147

Jennifer Miller: 726-4163

Leslie Douglass:  726-4145



As a John Ross 5th grader, you will continue your education with active learning in and out of the classroom.  In math, you will explore the world of fractions and their relationship to decimals and percents.  you will also relate perimeter, volume, and area to the real world while also continuing to master number sense, patterns and algebraic reasoning, geometry, data analysis, probability, and problem solving.

Fifth grade students have the privilege of becoming skilled writers during the year, through the use of outlining, brainstorming, revising, editing, and publishing.  We focus on four types of writing:  Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, and Persuasive.

In reading the students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, predict and appreciate texts.  You get to do many fun reading reports such as Literature Logs, Film Strip and Popcorn Bag Book Reports.

The History of our Nation is deciphered as you study early explorations, the 13 Colonies, and the Revolutionary War through the use of history books, guest speakers, online resources, reports and a full day of reflection during our yearly event, Colonial Market Day.

In Science you will study the life processes and interactions among living things. You will also be amazed as you learn the structures of the earth, atmosphere, and our solar system, as well as engage in investigations that integrate the process and discover kinds of matter, forms of energy, and motion. Fifth graders get to observe, measure, classify, interpret, and communicate experiments during the annual Mad Scientist Day.